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Please review prior to upgrading Vera.

Introduced Default Domain

Vera now includes a default domain. Projects will automatically be associated with this domain when a record is routed for approval from a project that is not associated with a domain.


The System Administrator can move a project to another domain by removing the project from the Default domain and then adding the project to another domain.

Improved permissions with New Roles

User Roles have been separated by System Roles and Domain Roles. System Roles are assigned to a User Profile by the System Administrator:


Approval roles are defined in the Approval Policy.

See for more information on Vera roles and permissions.

Manage Roles by Domain

Vera 2022.3 introduces managing approval roles by domain. Organizations can now fine tune approval roles based on domain instead of at the Vera site level providing granular approval roles instead of global approval roles. User Role membership can be delegated to Domain Administrators. View only permission can be granted using the Domain Viewer role.

Domain Management updates

The Domain Management > Role Management page now displays the Domain-level Approval roles, and the users assigned to each role. Domains now have an optional field to define a Domain Owner. The Domain Owner is a Domain attribute and not a domain or system role. It is provided as a way to designate which user should be contacted in case there are questions about the domain or user membership in the domain.

Domain User Role management

Any System Administrator, or a Domain Administrator assigned to the domain, can manage user role membership for a particular domain. All domains also include the default roles of Domain Administrator and Domain Viewer. These are not approval roles. but can still be assigned to users in the same manner. Domain Viewers are allowed to see domain records, but are not allowed to approve as any role for that domain.


A Domain Administrator cannot remove their Domain Administrator role from their own user profile.

See and for more information on adding and remove users from domains and roles.

Define a Domain Owner

The System Administrator can set any Vera user as a Domain Owner when they create or edit a domain.


User Management Updates

Role Membership was removed from the user profile now that approval roles are managed by domain and is replaced by the System Roles field and new Domains & Roles page on User profile.

System Role Management

System Administrators can modify System Roles for users in their User Profiles.


Domain and Roles Management

System Administrators can manage domain and domain role membership for a user in their Edit Profile > Domain & Roles page.


Import User changes

System Administrators can now import users and their associated System Roles and Domain membership.