VERA for ALM 2.9 Updates

Administrator Reassign Task improvements

Vera provides a context sensitive list of users to choose instead of having to select a user from the entire project user list.  This improvement makes it simpler for administrators to select the user tasks assignment they want to reassign now VERA will only include groups and users in the selected records approval route.

Figure: Reassign Task(s) (administrator only) reassigned from context sensitive user list 

Prevent ALM Actions with VERA BlockList configuration

VERA can now be configured to prevent executing specified ALM actions.  VERA can also be configure to allow the ALM action to still be executed by a specified user groups.  This feature can be used to prevent ALM actions entirely or limit ALM actions to a specific role in your organization

This feature requires modifications to the Records Management Policy file to implement.

Group Notification improvements

Group and sub group approval task notification can be set for an individual group.  This improvement will allow the ability to disable all or some group notifications and still provide subgroup notification to ensure project members are only receiving applicable email notification. 

This feature requires modifications to the Notification Policy file to implement.

See attached release notes for more detail