VERA for ALM 2.10 Updates

Ability to Prevent Step Execution if evidence is required

VERA can now be configured to prevent executing test steps that require evidence.  VERA will prevent passing or failing a step if the Evidence Required field is set to Y and there is no attachment on the step.

This feature requires modifications to the Execution Policy file to implement.

Figure: Prevent passing or failing a step without an attachment if the step requires evidence.

Support multi-select lists / Workstream Approvals

VERA can now be configured to evaluate ALM multi-select fields when defining workflow in VERA policies.

This enhancement enables customers to configure workflow rules and approval routes based on business workstreams.  In this example the record workstreams associated with the record will determine the business approvers

Figure: Set the business owner workstreams on the individual record.  Each business owner workstream is an approval group.

Figure: The business owner approval is determined by the business owners defined on the individual record similar to the actual testers functionality on test runs

Figure: An approval task is created for each business owner workstream on the record. The approval task can be reassigned to an individual in the approval group.

See attached Release Notes for more detail