VERA Policy Uploader


Tx3 VERA Policy Uploader provides the ability to quickly deploy VERA Policy files to multiple ALM projects from a Windows PC. The Policy Uploader connects to ALM and displays all VERA projects organized by Domain or Template. The TDAdmin or Policy Administrator can select policy files on their Windows PC and select VERA projects targeted for policy updates. The Policy Uploader will remove all attachments from the Root Requirement of selected VERA projects and replace them with the selected files.

Note: The TDAdmin / Policy Administrator must have an active account in the VERA project to upload policy files.

Open VERA Policy Uploader

Navigate to VERA Policy Uploader in Windows Explorer and click on vera-policy-uploader.exe

Figure: VERA Policy Uploader executable

The VERA policy Uploader is displayed

Figure: VERA Policy Uploader Application

Select Policy Files

Click the Select Folder… button to browse for folder

Figure: Select Policy Folder

Select folder and click OK to display folder contents

Figure: Select Policy Files

Select the Policy Files to upload
Note: Please select all policy files. The utility removes all attachments and replaces them with selected files. Additional files can be uploaded along with policy files.

Connect to ALM Server

Click the Enter Info… button to open ALM Server information dialog

Figure: ALM Server Information Dialog

Select VERA Projects

VERA projects are fetched and displayed by domain

Figure: VERA Projects by Domain

Note: The Policy Uploader displays projects based on the connected user's project membership. The project list is filtered by VERA projects, projects with a Policy Administrator User Group.
Select the Template Selection Mode radio button to display projects by template

Figure: VERA Projects by Template

Upload Policy files

Select the VERA projects to update and the click Upload button

Figure: upload confirmation

Click button Yes to continue or Click No button to cancel operation. A progress bar will be displayed during the upload

Figure: Policy upload progress

View Log File

The VERA Policy Uploader application is displayed when the upload is complete. The Upload button is disabled and a link to the upload log file is displayed

Figure: Policy Upload complete

Click the Upload Complete! Link to view the log file

Figure: Log file

Click Exit button to close the application

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