Installation and Deployment Guide


This document provides system requirements and installation instructions for VERA on Micro Focus ALM.


VERA is deployed as a Project Template extending ALM core functionality to enable test management in a controlled, validated environment. VERA implements electronic signatures, customer-defined procedures, and business rules via ALM's scripting and programming capabilities.
VERA for Micro Focus ALM has three components:

  • VERA Client - The VERA windows is a locally installed application comprised of a collection of Microsoft .NET library files (.dll).
  • VERA ALM Template – ALM Template Project export (QCP File)
  • VERA Policy files – JSON files containing configurable business rules. The JSON files are attached to the Requirements folder (root requirement) in the Requirements module
    1. Approval Policy
    2. Notification Policy
    3. Records Management Policy

Document ID: Tx3.1022.GUI.004
Document Version: 08
Date Issued: 29 APR 2020