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See 'Application Lifecycle Management'

approval policy

A collection of business rules establishing approval routes for electronic records.

Micro Focus

Formerly Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software, the manufacturer of the Application Lifecycle Management software.


See Application Lifecycle Management'

Application Lifecycle Management

An enterprise application manufactured by Micro Focus that provides test management, requirements management, and defect management capabilities for information technology and software development organizations.

notification policy

A collection of business rules establishing email notification for approval tasks and approval routes.

records management policy

A collection of business rules establishing workflows for electronic records.

staging project

Project used to create VERA projects in ALM Quality Center Edition


See 'template project'

template project

A software component of ALM that is used to apply a common set of project customizations to other projects as a part of cross project customization.


An enterprise application manufactured by Tx3 Services, LLC that specializes in enforcing shared business policies pertaining to the control of electronic records across multiple systems.


See 'Tx3 VERA'

VERA application

See 'Tx3 VERA'

VERA Records Management Policy

See 'records management policy'

VERA Server

A central application where users can define business policies and configure those policies to be enforced across multiple information systems

VERA system adapter

See 'system adapter'

VERA Windows Client