VERA for ALM 2.0 Updates

New Configuration capability

VERA now supports the configuration of status transitions for requirements, tests, test sets, runs and defects. VERA supports the creation of new groups. VERA provides the ability to configure field permissions.

New Electronic Signature Hash and Format

VERA Hash includes record data as well as signature to ensure data integrity and electronic record reliability. Signature format is easier to read, review in report output and supports approval cycles allowing multiple signature events on an entity (i.e. Defect approval for acceptance followed by defect approval for closure.)

Smart Copy and Smart Paste

Replacement of Clone feature provides ability to copy folder structure and entities as well as ability to select items to include in Paste.

New Groups

VERA includes additional groups to segment administrative features.

  • Requirement Administrator - Reassigns requirement and risk scenario approval tasks; configures the Requirements module in ALM.
  • Test Administrator - Reassigns test case, test set, and test run approval tasks; configures the Test Plan, Test Set, and Test Run modules in ALM.
  • Defect Administrator - Reassigns defect approval tasks, configures the Defects module in ALM.
  • Policy Administrator - Manages the VERA policy files governing the project's business rules.
  • User Administrator - Manages user access and user permissions.

Micro Focus ALM Support

The following ALM versions are supported in VERA 2.0.