VERA for ALM 2.15 Updates

Streamlined Record Approval with SAML Authentication

VERA for ALM users are redirected to their SAML authentication page instead of having to enter their MicroFocus ALM credentials prior to approving with SAML.

Figure: VERA for ALM Approval Task dialog with SAML Authentication

Figure: Example of a SAML authentication page with VERA for ALM SAML Authentication

A small change to the Approval Policy enables this improvement If your ALM instance is configured for SAML authentication, add ?idpId=alm to the end off the Authentication URL:

1 2 3 4 5 "Authentication": { "Type": "SSO", "URL": "https://<alm server>/qcbin?idpId=alm" },

Micro Focus ALM Support

Micro Focus ALM 16 is now supported along with previously supported versions.