Adding a New User

You can add new users to the Users list in VERA Administration. After the user is added, you can view users and define user details. For details on updating user details, see Updating User Details.

Feature introduced in the 2021.1 release

Step-by-Step Guide

Users assigned to the System Administrator role are able to manually add new users.

  1. Access the Administration Area
  2. Navigate to the User Management Portal. 
  3. Click Add User from the top menu
  4. Enter a Username (Valid characters only include: alphanumeric, @, -, _, +, and .)
  5. Enter a Full Name
  6. Enter an Email address
  7. If VERA is selected as the Identity Provider a Password is required
  8. For Single Sign-On select the Identity Provider Name from the Identity Provider dropdown list.  The IDP Username is required when an SSO provider is selected 
  9. Click Add User to save the user to the user
  10. The User Profile page is displayed

Do one of the following if you do not want to save the user profile:

  1. Select "Reset Fields"
  2. Back to User Management hyperlink in the upper right
  3. Select Tx3 Vera logo in the upper left