Upload and view record attachments in VERA Web Portal

Attachments can be added to a Jira record that will then be accessible from the VERA Web Portal.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create an issue in Jira
  2. Edit fields as needed and add attachments in the Attachments section

  3. Route the record for approval and refresh the page
  4. Click on an Approval Task link to navigate to the details page in the VERA Web Portal
  5. Login to the VERA Web Portal
  6. All attachments will show in the VERA Web Portal Attachments section

  7. Click on any attachment to activate the attachment preview window

  8. Navigate between each item by selecting the item on the bottom carousel or by using the left and right arrows
  9. File types that are not images (i.e. .doc, .pdf, .csv, .xls) will prompt you to download the file for viewing

  10. Close the attachments preview window by clicking the  in the top right hand corner