WP 1.9.3

Software version: WP 1.9.3

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This file provides information about the VERA Web Portal

  • Resolved Issues
  • New Features
  • Docker Image Information
  • Known Issues and Limitations

Version Info

High-level VERA Version2021.3.4
Web Portal Version1.9.3

Software Build

(Can be verified on the "Versions" screen in the web portal.)


Resolved Issues

VS-1440VERA relies solely on file extensions to recognize media typesNow, VERA can display images that don't have a file extension (mostly pasted screenshots). VERA was using only the file extension. VERA now uses content-type and file extension together to display image attachments.

New Features



  • 2021.3.4
  • 1.9.3
How to UpgradeSee Upgrade the VERA Server Applications for instructions

Known Issues and Limitations

KeySummaryKnown Issue Details
VS-447User Administrator role can see Signature Verification Failure Report and Re-verifyA User Administrator can access the Signature Verification reporting section of the Administration Portal.  This feature should be limited to System Administrators.
VS-455SAML users sometimes see an error on log outOccasionally, a user that is authenticated through an external SAML-based IdP may see an error screen after they logout from the VERA Web Portal, instead of being returned to the login screen.  
VS-810Admin can't remove a project from domain if project name contains regexA project created with regex characters cannot be removed from a domain once it is added. This also causes issues with displaying tasks in the approval queue for a user
VS-855Reset Password dialog does not close after an Admin resets a user's passwordThe Reset Password dialog does not close or provide any confirmation after resetting the password. It must be closed by the 'X' or the 'Cancel' buttons.
VS-858Import User modal/page does not display a confirmation when a file is uploadedNo confirmation is displayed following the upload of a user import.
VS-859An Admin cannot blank a user's email addressAn administrative user cannot update a user to have no email address. This is due to validation on the submitted changes for a user requiring an email address.
VS-929IDP error message displayed on login screen when clicking an approval task linkWhen a user attempts to click an approval route link after a long period of session inactivity, the user may be prompted with "VERA could determine IDP." as an error message on the login screen.
VS-962Approval Queue user filter uses RegEx can match different users

Due to regular expression matching, a record that has been signed by one user may cause another user's approval queue to exclude the record when it should be available.

VS-997Cannot save updated user information until switching cursor focusWhen updating a user's information from the 'My Profile' or Admin Portal pages, the save button is disabled until clicking outside of the field being edited.
VS-1065A misleading error message is displayed when VERA cannot apply a final approvalVERA will display a misleading error message when it fails to transition a Jira issue in the workflow.  The error message displayed to the user will indicate that there is a connectivity problem, even if it's actually a configuration problem. 
VS-1067User management table in admin portal is not sortable

The user management table within the admin section of the VERA Web Portal is displaying the same results when sorting by ascending and descending order.

VS-1069Changing filter parameters and hitting enter triggers sort instead of new searchFor filterable tables, changing the text for a search and using the enter key causes the table to be sorted with the previous search text active. Note: Submitting a search with the enter key is not necessary as tables will automatically execute the search after a user is finished typing.
VS-1279Clicking the Import Button on the user import modal without first selecting a file causes the form to breakThe Import user form buttons are disabled, but nothing happens and the page has to be refreshed when clicking the Import Button on the user import modal without first selecting a file.