Approval Queue

Overview of the Approval Queue

  1. When a user signs into the VERA web portal, all pending tasks for that user will display in the approval queue
  2. If you navigate off of the approval queue, you can go back by clicking on the Tx3 VERA logo  in the top left-hand corner of the page
    1. Click the refresh icon in the upper right will pull the latest approval data into the table
    2. Selecting the filter icon in the upper right will display text boxes at the top of the table to allow data entry to filter the table
    3. Checkboxes allow the user to select multiple records at once. The topmost box allows the user to select all records on the page
    4. Sorting is allowed in any of the table columns. Select up or down arrow to sort accordingly
    5. Record Names can be selected and will direct the user to the records detail page for more information
    6. Approve and Reject icons on the far right to allow users to approve/reject a single record

How to Approve or Reject a Single Record

  1. On the approval queue page, locate the record that you want to sign off on
  2. To approve, click on the approve icon  and enter your password
  3. To reject, click on the reject icon  and enter the rejection reason
  4. On submit, the queue will refresh, and the record will be removed from the table

How to Bulk Approve

  1. On the approval queue page, locate the records that you want to sign off on
  2. Select the boxes to the left of the record
  3. Click on the Approve button on the banner that appears on the bottom of the page
  4. Enter your password and click Submit

  • A user cannot select multiple records across different pages at once. The selection will clear and reset on each page.
  • A user cannot approve multiple records with different Approval Tasks at once. A banner will appear prompting the user to select only one role. 

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