Updating User Details

After you add a user, you can update user details. For example, you may need to update a user's full name or email address.

Feature improved in the 2021.1 release

Step-by-Step Guide

Users assigned to the System Administrator roles are able to edit users.

  1. Access the Administration Area
  2. Navigate to the User Management Portal. 
  3. Locate User profile 
    1. Search using the Search navigation
    2. Search user table using one or more column headers 
  4. To open user profile; select the edit icon  or select the Name hyperlink.
  5. Edit the user details
  6. Click Change Identify Provider to update the Identify Provider Name.  The IDP Username is required when an SSO provider is selected.

  7. To use local authentication set the Identify Provider Name to VERA.  If VERA is selected as the Identity Provider a Password is required.

    To disable user access set the Identify Provider Name to None. 

    Password Reset is enabled if the user is configured with VERA as the Identify Provider.  See Password Reset for more detail.  

  8. Update Role Membership to add or remove user from a role
  9. Update Domain Membership to add or remove users from a domain
  10. Click Save to apply changes

Do one of the following if you do not want to save the user profile changes:

  1. Back to User Management hyperlink in the upper right
  2. Navigate away from User Management tab by selecting another tab
  3. Select Tx3 Vera logo in the upper left