API 1.3

Software version: API 1.3

Publication date: 27 NOV 2019

This file provides information about the VERA API Server

  • Resolved Issues
  • New Features
  • Docker Image Information
  • Known Issues and Limitations

Resolved Issues

VS-463Role Management page does not save changes with large numbers of users.Fixed an issue in which user administrators could not save changes to user role assignments in the VERA administration portal when working with large quantities of users.
VS-286VERA Server Error Log need better separation between error log entriesFixed an issue in the formatting of the API server error log to make it more human-readable.

New Features

VS-434Import data from Jira Cloud into VERA
VS-79View Approval Tasks in a Queue/Dashboard (Preview Feature Only)


  • 1.3.0
  • win-2016-1.3.0
  • win-2019-1.3.0
  • linux-1.3.0

Known Issues and Limitations



Known Issue Details

VS-501Jira Module only uses the first Jira credentials found in the Synchronization PolicyAn issue exists when multiple Jira instances are configured in the Synchronization Policy. The Jira module will select the first record location with the Jira system label and not the matching location from the webhook. 
VS-383Tester(s) not included in Execution Log in VERAqTest Tester name is not displayed in VERA web portal.  The VERA Record Management Policy can be updated to include the Tester field in VERA.


VERA Server needs a reboot to fully read new Sync Policy entries

Changes to the VERA Synchronization Policy will not take affect until the VERA Application service is restarted.


Tasks show Not Started instead of Cancelled after rejection

Approval Tasks are set to Not Started when an approval task in the same approval route is Rejected. The approval tasks should be set to Cancelled when an approval task in the same approval route is Rejected.