VERA Jira Quick Start Guide

Perform the steps in the below checklist to get VERA up and running in your environment. Refer to linked articles for more information on how to implement the configurations and specific installation instructions.

VERA Setup Checklist:

  1. Configure Jira to be compatible with VERA → Atlassian Jira Configuration

    1. Set up VERA role and VERA service account in Jira

      1. Create VERA service account → How to create the VERA service account in Jira 

      2. Create VERA System role → How to create the VERA System Role

    2. Set up Jira WebHooks → How to add VERA webhooks

    3. If using the standard VERA for Jira workflow:

      1. Import the standard VERA Workflow into Jira → How to Import the Standard VERA workflow

      2. Configure the workflow scheme
    4. If applying VERA to an existing workflow:  → How to Integrate VERA Into a Jira Workflow

      1. Add VERA workflow states:

        1. Routing for Approval

        2. Rejected

        3. Approved

      2. Disable Delete, Move, and Clone actions
      3. Make VERA workflow states non-editable (for everyone except the VERA sync user)

      4. Configure Transitions:

        1. Start Approval(s)

        2. Withdraw Approval(s) 

        3. Complete Approval

        4. Complete Rejection

    5. Add Required VERA custom fields:  → How to add VERA Custom Fields to Jira Projects

      1. Pending Tasks 

      2. VERA Sync ID

    6. Add Optional VERA custom fields as needed: → How to add VERA Custom Fields to Jira Projects

      1. Revision
      2. Revision Number
      3. Signatures
    7. Upload and Configure the VERA Add-on → How to upload and configure the Tx3 VERA App

  2. Install VERA Server → Install VERA Server Application

    1. Upload Policy Files → Upload Policy Files

    2. Import Users → Import VERA users

    3. Set up Jira service account in VERA → Create Jira Service Account in VERA

When applying VERA to an existing workflow, it is recommended that a copy of an existing workflow be created before applying changes. Existing projects can then be changed to use the new workflow with VERA.