API 1.10

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This file provides information about the VERA API Server

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  • Fixed Issues
  • New Features
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  • Known Issues and Limitations

Version Information

High-level VERA Version2021.4
API Version1.10

Software Build

(Can be verified on the "Versions" screen in the web portal.)


Fixed Issues

VS-1067User management table in admin portal is not sortableFixed an issue where the user table in User Management did not sort properly.
VS-1142Special character in group name is preventing the role membership table from displaying usersFixed an issue where a special character (e.g. forward slash) was causing the Role Membership table to not be displayed properly.
VS-1181Activity History does not show details of Linked RecordFixed an issue with viewing details of a record's activity history.
VS-1262Routing Test Execution for Approval fails if test has Xray custom test step fieldsFixed an issue where when routing a test execution fails when it contains Xray custom test step fields.
VS-1264VERA does not recognize duplicate webhook requests from Jira CloudFixed an issue where the Jira module would not recognize duplicate webhooks from Jira Cloud.
VS-1280VERA does not clean-up routes on Start Route, Revise, Approve, etc.Added a mechanism to detect and cancel errant existing In Progress routes for the same record when the record is routed for approval, revised, fully approved or rejected.
VS-1290vera-server-info logs are not sensitive to logging levelsLogging is now binded to the “VERA_SERVER_LOG_LEVEL” environment variable.
VS-1299Notifications are not being sent when qTest records are sentFixed an issue where notifications were not being sent when qTest records were routed for approval.
VS-1300SMTP Module will attempt to use SSL even if the StartTLS button is not checkedFixed an issue with Notifications module to properly handle "useTls" option.
VS-1306Add support for inconsistent Xray Test Run Evidence JSON representationUpdated the VERA API to support parsing an unexpected format of Xray Test Execution data as observed in a customer environment.
VS-1312Change the sender for notifications to only be the configured admin email addressFixed an issue where VERA would attempt to send an email from a user with domain that was trusted by our email provider. Now VERA will only use the configured From email address in the From field and will use the user's email address in the Reply To field.
VS-1358Jira still using Base URL from alias server

Fixed  an issue where VERA was inconsistent in the URL used to call the Jira API. Now VERA will only use the API URL in the Sync Policy for that Jira server.

VS-1380 qTest Module should be updated to use the same BaseURL logic that the Jira module uses

Fixed an issue where the qTest module was not using the API base url from the synchronization policy for every call back to qTest.

VS-1408Expired root certificate in Docker image can cause SSL errorsAdded commands to disable the expired root certificate in the container. This allows the Let's Encrypt certificate to be verified using the non-expired root certificate. 
VS-1438Issue with quotation marks in qTest attachment namesFixed handling of attachments with quotes in the filename.
VS-1439Issue with special characters in qTest attachment namesFixed handling of attachments with special characters in the filenames.
VS-1440VERA relies solely on file extensions to recognize media typesVERA can display images that don't have a file extension (mostly pasted screenshots). VERA was using only the file extension. VERA uses content-type and file extension together to display image attachments.
VS-1443qTest Parameter displayed as number instead of parameter name in Test Expected Results field

Fixed an issue where parameters in a Test Steps Expected Results field were not displayed as the parameter name.

New Features

VS-347Administrator can configure the minimum required length of passwordsAdded the ability for an administrator to configure the minimum length of passwords.
VS-348Administrator can configure the minimum required password complexity ruleAdded the ability for an administrator to configure the minimum required complexity of user passwords.
VS-982Support aliases in the Synchronization PolicyAdded the ability for a system owner to configure known aliases for integration points in the Synchronization Policy instead of only recognizing integration points by their base URL.
VS-1216Ability to capture the author of a qTest record based on a configured field nameDisplayed author of the record based on a configured field name as part of the details of the record.
VS-1217Ability to match an author with a VERA account by email addressAdded the ability to correlate the author of a record (when author exclusion is enabled) in the source system with a VERA user account by matching the user account from qTest with a VERA user email address.

Ability to match an author with a VERA account by user name

Added the ability to correlate the author of a record (when author exclusion is enabled) in the source system with a VERA user account by matching the user name in "Author" field with a VERA user name.
VS-1219The author does not see approval links on the details page for records they authoredAdded the ability to prevent users from seeing approval links on the details page for records they authored (when author exclusion is enabled).

The author does not see records they authored in their approval queue

Added the ability to prevent users from viewing records in their Approval Queue (when author exclusion is enabled) that they cannot approve as they are listed as the record author. 
VS-1296System enforces configured minimum required password complexity rulesAdded the ability for an administrator to configure the minimum required complexity of user passwords.
VS-1333Suppress email notification to authors when author exclusion is enabledAdded the ability to automatically suppress email notifications to authors when author exclusion is enabled.
VS-1417System enforces the minimum required length of passwordsAdded the ability for an administrator to enforce minimum required length of passwords.
VS-1450Create default handling for embedded images on imported recordsVERA will display embedded images like pasted screenshots as image files.


  • 2021.4
  • v2021.4
  • 1.10.0
How to UpgradeSee Upgrade the VERA Server Applications for instructions

Known Issues and Limitations



Known Issue Details

VS-139"Pending Tasks" field refreshes too slowly after route withdrawal.The Pending Tasks field in qTest and Jira is not immediately updated when the record is approved or rejected in VERA.  The cached values are updated when the user invokes a browser refresh,
VS-163Rejection Reason can be submitted with only a space (no text) enteredRejection Reason can be submitted with only a space (no text) entered. 
VS-323VERA Server needs a reboot to fully read new Sync Policy entriesChanges to the VERA Synchronization Policy will not take affect until the VERA Application service is restarted.
VS-447User Administrator role can see Signature Verification Failure Report and Re-verifyA User Administrator can access the Signature Verification reporting section of the Administration Portal.  This feature should be limited to System Administrators.
VS-606Error while sorting approval queue with large quantity of tasksUsers may encounter errors while sorting an approval queue with a large (thousands) quantity of tasks.
VS-668Sorting shows all values beginning with a capital letter before lowercase valuesWhen sorting data (users, records, etc.) alphabetically, the system erroneously alphabetizes capital letters independently from lower-case letters.  For example:  Apple, Cat, ball -- instead of: Apple, ball, Cat
VS-692JSON Attachment download returns 500 errorA Jira issue had the approval policy.jason file attached; an error was displayed when downloading the attachment.
VS-698VERA cannot create a qTest record if two fields in the record have the same nameThe VERA-qTest integration does not support importing records from qTest where the record has two fields with the same name.  If such a record is routed for approval from qTest, then an error will occur.
VS-700User sees duplicate approval tasks for the same record in approval queueIf an approval route contains two pending tasks for the same role (e.g. two Technical approvals) then an eligible approver will see both tasks in their queue.
VS-810Admin can't remove a project from domain if project name contains regexA project created with regex characters cannot be removed from a domain once it is added. This also causes issues with displaying tasks in the approval queue for a user
VS-962Approval Queue user filter uses RegEx can match different usersDue to regular expression matching, a record that has been signed by one user may cause another user's approval queue to exclude the record when it should be available.
VS-988VERA DevOps does not apply a default approval routeIf a record is routed for approval that does not satisfy any configured route templates, the user will see "VERA is trying to start the approval route" rather than a descriptive error containing the reason why the route was not started.
VS-1060If user has a null value for a role in their claims list the user module fails to add or remove them from a roleIf a user has a claim that has a type of role and a value of null (not just a blank string), the user module will throw an exception when trying to add or remove the user from a role.
VS-1065A misleading error message is displayed when VERA cannot apply a final approvalVERA will display a misleading error message when it fails to transition a Jira issue in the workflow.  The error message displayed to the user will indicate that there is a connectivity problem, even if it's actually a configuration problem. 
VS-1095Project names are not validated when adding to domainAdmins are able to add a project to a domain that contains RegEx characters.

Invalid Approval Group error log should indicate with group or line number the error is on

Currently error log does not display approval group details when invalid approval group is logged. 

VERA does not properly handle a hidden Sync ID field in Jira

VERA does not have valid error handling for scenarios in which the VERA Sync ID field in Jira is inaccessible (e.g.. not on the issue's edit screen).

VERA returns an HTTP 500 status code to Jira webhooks when it cannot access the Sync ID field

With Jira Cloud, the HTTP 500 status code will prompt Jira to retry the same webhook a few minutes later.  This is undesirable, because a) there is no reasonable expectation that it will succeed, and b) the user will have very likely tried rerouting the record again anyway.

Therefore, the Jira module should return a different status code that will not trigger a retry from Jira Cloud.


VERA does not handle concurrent start route requests for the same record

The VERA API does not have proper handling for concurrent start approval route requests for the same record.  If it is a new record, then the end result could be the record receiving two different Sync IDs each with its own approval route.
VS-1293Final approval fails when Jira projects are configured with a Signatures fieldVERA will attempt to write the entire approval route to the Jira Signatures field if the field is present in the Jira project. If the approval route contains over 255 characters the Approval will fail since VERA is attempting to write over 255 characters to the field.
VS-1303Jira and qTest Modules use the Server property from the Sync Policy as the Base URLThe Jira and qTest modules both use the Server property for a location for the baseurl when connecting to Jira or qTest. This is normally fine, but can cause an issue where a client has a gateway or proxy in between VERA and their Jira/qTest servers. Modules should use the API Server url defined in the policy file.
VS-1391Revision is blank in qTest Run Record Details for History entriesThe Revision field is blank for qTest Test Run records in the Record Details for a History entry.
VS-1419Routing records for approval - errors in logsIn the users module, when GET /users/{userId} endpoint is being called with a userId different from the request owner's userId, then users module responses with 403 Forbidden status code.