API 1.1

Software version: API 1.1

Publication date: 04 OCT 2019 

This file provides information about the VERA 3 Application Server

  • Resolved Issues
  • New Features
  • Known Issues and Limitations

Resolved Issues


New Features

VS-329User can change password when they provide their current password
VS-333Administrator can reset a user's password
VS-340Administrator can edit a user's profile
VS-385Import user file from web portal administration page

Known Issues and Limitations



known issue details


VS-456View last import results button does not display page with import resultsOn Linux-based servers, VERA the "View Latest Import Results" API endpoint does not work correctly.Pending Release
VS-383Tester(s) not included in Execution Log in VERAqTest Tester name is not displayed in VERA web portal.  The VERA Record Management Policy can be updated to include the Tester field in VERA.To Do


VERA Server needs a reboot to fully read new Sync Policy entries

Changes to the VERA Synchronization Policy will not take affect until the VERA Application service is restarted.

To Do


qTest Test Case Version is set to 2 instead of 1 on initial approval

There is an intermittent issue were a qTest Test Case version is incremented two major versions instead of one when a qTest Test Case is pre-execution approved with VERA. For example, the qTest Test Case is routed for approval and the qTest Version is 0.7 The qTest Test Case is approved in VERA and should update the qTest Test Case Version field to 1.0 instead the Version field is updated to 2.0

To Do


Tasks show Not Started instead of Cancelled after rejection

Approval Tasks are set to Not Started when an approval task in the same approval route is Rejected. The approval tasks should be set to Cancelled when an approval task in the same approval route is Rejected.

Under Review


Some Jira fields types are not supported by the RMP

VERA can include the following Jira data types when creating a Jira record in VERA; basic arrays, string, issuetype, priority, project, user, option, and number. VERA. VERA cannot include fields that are Jira data types of any, components or issuelink,

Pending Release