API 1.6

Software version: API 1.6

Publication date: 04 SEP 2020

This file provides information about the VERA API Server

  • Resolved Issues
  • New Features
  • Docker Image Information
  • Known Issues and Limitations

Resolved Issues

VS-670Approval Queue showing tasks that are already signed by the userFixed an issue where users would see unapproved tasks in their approval queue for records that they had already signed.
VS-693Deleting a User from VERA that is a member of a domain removes all members of the domainAn issue was fixed where deleting a user that was part of a domain would cause the user list for that domain to appear empty.
VS-699Approval Queue returns 500 Error if a unknown project is added to DomainThis issue was resolved indirectly by VS-759 (in patch release 1.5.2).

qTest Test Run Approval Task field not updated when user Cancels Approval

Fixed an issue in which VERA was not successfully updating qTest after a test run was withdrawn from approval.
VS-702qTest Test Case Approval Task field not updated when user Cancels ApprovalFixed an issue in which VERA was not successfully updating qTest after a test case was withdrawn from approval.

Signature failure when user logs into VERA in UPPERCASE

Corrected an issue where if the logged in user's name contained different capitalization than the database, an errant signature verification failure would occur.

User Management is incorrectly sorting/paginating users.

Fixed issue that prevented the User Management table from sorting and paging properly.

This release includes issues resolved in API 1.4.1API 1.5.1 and API 1.5.2.

New Features


Remove a project from a domain

Performance enhancements in the VERA Approval Queue

Reset or update the signature panel when an issues is revised

VS-795Increment a Revision Number when Revising a Record from Revision
VS-796Display an approved revision message in the Jira Web Panel


  • 1.6.0
  • win-2016-1.6.0
  • win-2019-1.6.0
  • linux-1.6.0

Known Issues and Limitations



Known Issue Details

VS-139"Pending Tasks" field refreshes too slowly after route withdrawal.The Pending Tasks field in qTest and Jira is not immediately updated when the record is approved or rejected in VERA.  The cached values are updated when the user invokes a browser refresh,
VS-323VERA Server needs a reboot to fully read new Sync Policy entriesChanges to the VERA Synchronization Policy will not take affect until the VERA Application service is restarted.
VS-447User Administrator role can see Signature Verification Failure Report and Re-verifyA User Administrator can access the Signature Verification reporting section of the Administration Portal.  This feature should be limited to System Administrators.
VS-512Jira Cloud Readonly Fields are Editable in New View

An issue exists in Jira Cloud in which "Readonly" fields are actually editable in Jira Cloud's "New View". This issue impacts the VERA Sync ID and VERA Pending Tasks fields. Users should be careful to not edit these fields.

Editing the VERA Sync ID field will break the issue's synchronization with VERA, and unintentional changes should be reverted.

Editing the Pending Tasks field will break any user-defined Jira filters for pending approval tasks. Changes can be reverted manually, or the field will update automatically the next time an approval action occurs.

Reference Atlassian Issue ID JRACLOUD-72479: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JRACLOUD-72479

VS-606Error while sorting approval queue with large quantity of tasksUsers may encounter errors while sorting an approval queue with a large (thousands) quantity of tasks.
VS-668Sorting shows all values beginning with a capital letter before lowercase valuesWhen sorting data (users, records, etc.) alphabetically, the system erroneously alphabetizes capital letters independently from lower-case letters.  For example:  Apple, Cat, ball -- instead of: Apple, ball, Cat
VS-698VERA cannot create a qTest record if two fields in the record have the same nameThe VERA-qTest integration does not support importing records from qTest where the record has two fields with the same name.  If such a record is routed for approval from qTest, then an error will occur.
VS-700User sees duplicate approval tasks for the same record in approval queueIf an approval route contains two pending tasks for the same role (e.g. two Technical approvals) then an eligible approver will see both tasks in their queue.