What's New in 20200403

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in VERA DevOps 20200403 release:

Configurable VERA User Guide link

The VERA User Guide link now opens a new tab and can be configured with a different name and URL in the VERA Web Portal Menu

Approval Routes are configurable for individual Jira projects

VERA DevOps now supports evaluating the Jira project key when associating an Approval Route to a Jira issue. 

Improved pagination

Users, domains and approval tasks tables are paginated to improve performance. 

Administrator can view user details

Administrators can view any user profile which displays their full name, username, email, role membership, identity provider, identity provider username and domain membership

Approval bar improvements

Approval bar is consistent on approval queue and approval task details pages.  Enlarged approval buttons for ease of use.  The approval bar also will display the number of selected records form the approval queue.

Preview: Domain Management

VERA will segment data and filter the approval queue based on user domain membership and project domain association.  Administrators can

  • Create domains
  • Add qTest and Jira projects to domains
  • Add and remove users from domains
  • Delete domains

Preview: Approval Queue

Improved error handling

Meaningful error messages for end user when approval or rejection fails.  Improved error handling on batch approvals from approval queue

Enforce domain permissions in the approval queue

Approval queue is filtered using the users domain membership and role membership

Record domain association

Approval task details now include the domain name.  A warning message is displayed if a record is not associated with a domain

Defect fixes

Various defect fixes to the Web Portal, API Server and Jira Cloud App.

View the Release Notes for more information: