WP 1.5

Software version: WP 1.5

Publication date: 01 MAY 2020

This file provides information about the VERA Web Portal

  • Resolved Issues
  • New Features
  • Docker Image Information
  • Known Issues and Limitations

Resolved Issues

VS-566Web Portal: Footer overlaps the Approval Queue tableApproval Queue is now contained to a smaller portion of the web page to prevent overflow with the page footer.
VS-595Admin portal does not have an active tab by defaultUser Management is now the active tab upon loading the Admin section of the Web Portal.
VS-610Cannot add large number of users to a domainCreated two separate async calls for adding/removing items to/from a list in the mongo adapter and implemented in the domain modules. 
VS-612The entire user admin portal refreshes after adding/removing domainsThis was fixed as a byproduct of fixing VS-613.  Now, only the Domains table refreshes rather than the entire page.
VS-613In web portal, all modals refresh after they are cancelled.Updated functionality of web portal to stop refreshing an entire page any time a modal is closed.
VS-620User Management table does not load asynchronouslyImproved performance of the User Management page by adding server-side pagination to the table of users.
VS-649Record domain warning banner is not sensitive to the feature toggleThe domain warning banner's visibility on a record's details page is now linked to the domain feature toggle.
VS-658The 'Users' list does not sort correctly on Name columnFixed the Users Management table to allow sorting by the Name of the user.

New Features

VS-74Error Handling for Batch Approvals in the Approval Queue
VS-494Enforce domain permissions in the approval queue
VS-582Make Approval bar font and buttons bigger
VS-583Add meaningful error message for end user when approval or rejection fails
VS-598Web Portal: Display the Approve link as a button
VS-603Add project to domain
VS-615Update VERA Page Title
VS-616Update logo and copyright year on VERA footer and login page
VS-621View a record's associated domain
VS-622View a user's domain assignments.
VS-624An admin can view a user's profile page
VS-657VERA User Guide should open in a new tab


  • 1.5.0
  • win-2016-1.5.0
  • win-2019-1.5.0
  • linux-1.5.0

Known Issues and Limitations

KeySummaryKnown Issue Details
VS-383Tester(s) not included in Execution Log in VERAqTest Tester name is not displayed in VERA web portal.  The VERA Record Management Policy can be updated to include the Tester field in VERA.
VS-447User Administrator role can see Signature Verification Failure Report and Re-verifyA User Administrator can access the Signature Verification reporting section of the Administration Portal.  This feature should be limited to System Administrators.
VS-455SAML users sometimes see an error on log outOccasionally, a user that is authenticated through an external SAML-based IdP may see an error screen after they logout from the VERA Web Portal, instead of being returned to the login screen.  
VS-628Step execution statuses are not displayed in VERA Web PortalTest execution logs from qTest do not display the status of each test step in the approval or report views.  This information is only visible in the audit history.
VS-670Approval Queue showing tasks that are already signed by the userIf a user is assigned to multiple approval groups, then they may see tasks in their approval queue for records they have already signed. (They will not be able to complete the tasks.)

For example, suppose a user is both a Technical and Business approver, and a record is routed for approval for both Technical and Business,  If the user were to complete the Technical approval task, then the Business task will remain in their queue, even though they will not be able to complete it (because they have already signed the record once).