What's New in 2021.2

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in VERA DevOps 2021.2 release:

Route and Approve qTest Automated Test Runs

qTest Manager 10.4+ provides the ability to route qTest Automated Test Runs for approval.  VERA 2021.2 provides the ability to approval and reject Automated Test Runs.

Enabled Post Execution Approval (for Automation Test Runs)

Route for Approval and Cancel Approval buttons are available on Test Event Test Cycle and Test Run records

Approval and Reject Automated Test Runs in VERA

Include Tester and Executed fields on qTest Execution Logs 

qTest Manager 10.4+ now provides Tester and Executed fields that are included in VERA when records are routed for approval.  These fields will be visible on records routed for approval after this VERA version is deployed, the Tester or Executed fields will not be added to previously routed or approved records.

Test Log details in qTest with Executed and Tester Field

Test Log details in VERA with Executed and Tester Field

Filter Approval Queue by record name

Added ability to filter the approval queue by the record name using a contains text filter.  

Filter Approval Queue by Record Name

View defect links on test runs and steps

You can now view defect links associated with test runs and test steps in VERA.

qTest Log details with defect linked to a step

See the "bug" icon in the Test Log 1 Details to access defect link

Improved support for Xray manual tests and execution lists

  You can now view all Xray Manual Test and Test Execution details in VERA. 

Xray manual test and test steps now display in VERA record

Xray Test Execution with test results display in VERA record

Xray Test Execution results can be expanded to steps and include comments, attachments and defect links

Improved Print View

Improved print view now includes all record fields, sub record fields and defect links. This improvement provides better reporting for qTest Tests, qTest Test Runs, Xray Manual Tests and Xray Test Executions.

qTest Automated Test Run Print View

Include VERA Signatures in Jira and Xray reports

You can setup Jira to record VERA Signature on the Jira record for reporting purposes.  VERA will write the signature information to Jira if the record has a Signatures field defined.

Jira record with VERA signatures stored in Signatures field

Approval task email notification

Added the ability for users to receive a group-level approval task notification.  See SMTP Server Management for more information on configuring email notifications.

Users with the approval role and domain membership associated with the record routed for approval can receive approval task email notifications.

Improved Jira and Xray Field support

Added support to display Jira DateTime and Component fields in VERA as well as Xray status fields and Test Environments field.

Okta Support

VERA now supports Okta for SAML single sign-on for authentication and electronic signatures.

Defect fixes

Various defect fixes to the Web Portal and API Server.

View the Release Notes for more information: