Software version: JIRA-CLD 1.3

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This file provides information about the VERA Web Portal

  • Resolved Issues
  • New Features
  • Known Issues and Limitations

Resolved Issues

VS-1030VERA Jira Cloud App does not load data on New Issue ViewFixed an issue where the VERA Panel was not displayed consistently in the "New View" in Jira Cloud. Now the panel will only be displayed if the user clicks the Tx3 VERA "quick-add" button or if the status is Routing for Approval, Approved or Rejected.
VS-1231Jira Cloud clears app settings when app is updatedPreviously, the VERA app was storing all customer settings–Atlassian installation settings and VERA configuration settings–together in the same collection of the database.  This was causing the VERA settings to become lost every time the Atlassian framework overwrote its installation settings (during registration and re-registration).  The two types of settings are now stored in separate collection.
VS-1264VERA does not recognize duplicate webhook requests from Jira CloudFixed an issue where the Jira module would not recognize duplicate webhooks from Jira Cloud.

New Features

VS-1234Updated authentication in Atlassian Connect installation hooks

Known Issues and Limitations

KeySummaryKnown Issue Details
VS-1293Final approval fails when Jira projects are configured with a Signatures field

The VERA integration with Jira utilizes Jira Read-Only custom fields. VERA will attempt to write the entire approval route to the Jira Signatures field if the field is present in the Jira project. If the approval route contains over 255 characters, the Approval will fail since VERA is attempting to write over 255 characters to the field.

The Signatures field should be removed as a workaround.