What's New in 2022.2

The following enhancements and bug fixes are included in the VERA 2022.2 release:


Web Portal UI Redesign

The Web Portal has been completely rewritten using the React Framework and Tricentis branding. React allows us to load the initial page view faster without waiting for all data to load first.

VERA login sxcreen
Figure: Example VERA Login Screen


Jira Workflow Enhancements

VERA has been upgraded to allow an intermediate Jira workflow state when routing for approval. Users can now add a “Pending VERA Action” state to their workflow before the Routing for Approval state. VERA will automatically move the record to Routing for Approval when the route has started or to a Failed state if something goes wrong. This allows VERA to process extensive histories in the background and not confuse users by showing it as Routing for Approval even though it is still processing.

Jira workflow with the Pending VERA Action State
Figure: Example Jira Workflow with the Pending VERA Action State


Domain Security Improvements

VERA will now prevent users not in a domain from seeing or approving records in that domain. For example, User #1 is not in the “LIMS” Domain but tries to access a record in that domain by clicking the link from Jira. Instead of seeing the record, User #1 sees an error message and is shown their Approval Queue.

Error message - You do not have access to this item.
Figure: Example error message when a user attempts to view an unauthorized record


System Service Account Role

With the domain security improvements, users can only see records that are in the same domain as the users. This also applies to VERA Jira service accounts. To prevent the VERA administrator from having to add the service account to each domain, the System Service Account role has been implemented to service accounts to access records in all domains.

System Service Account role management page showing Jira Service account as a role member
Figure: Example of the System Service Account role management page showing Jira Service account as a role member


The System Service Account role is a system role that should only be granted to VERA service accounts. This role takes effect in Jira Cloud 1.4.0+ add-on and Jira Server 1.3.0+ plugin.

Policy Management Improvements

Policy files can now only be uploaded and downloaded directly from within the Web Portal UI. Existing policies are automatically imported into the database during the first startup after the upgrade.

Policies list in the Web Portal UI
Figure: Example of the Policy Management Area

Any files copied to the Policies directory after the upgrade to 2022.2 will not be imported and will be ignored by the system. Please use the UI described above to update policy files.

Locate Approved Records

You can now search for previously approved records with VERA. The Records tab has been added to the Web Portal's home page and allows users to search the approved records within the domains they can access.

A table showing searched record results
Figure: Example Records Search Screen

Defect fixes

Various defect fixes to the Web Portal and API Server.