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This file provides information about the VERA Web Portal

  • Version Information
  • Resolved Issues
  • New Features
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  • Known Issues and Limitations

Version Information

High-level VERA Version2022.2
Web Portal Version1.12

Software Build

(Can be verified on the "Versions" screen in the web portal.)



Resolved Issues

VS-2161Author field is not hidden in Print ViewFixed an issue where the Authors field was displayed on records that do not contain an author property.
VS-2134Embedded Images Are Not Downloading

Fixed embedded image hyperlinks for sub-records and linked records (mostly qTest Test Cases and qTest Test Runs). Users can download embedded images in sub-records by clicking the links.

VS-2117Records that should have a domain are showing no domain.

Ensure domains are shown for all revisions of records when present on the main record.

VS-2090In the task details page approve and reject buttons still appear for author when author exclusion is enabledAdded a warning footer indicating the author cannot approve their own work.
VS-1978Vera portal goes down after the token expiresFixed an issue to prevent response errors when the refresh token expires.
VS-1960VERA logo is cut off & Footer obscured record in Print Preview modeFixed an issue where Vera logo was cut off and the footer was overlapping the content.

Show VERA Record Name in Print View

Fixed an issue where the Record Name was not present on the Print View for a record.
VS-1696The test author is duplicated when the author VERA username and email address is the sameFixed an issue when authors were matched with the same VERA user twice.
VS-1682All Views: author field does not display if author is unknownFixed an issue where the Record's name was not displayed on the Print View.
VS-1425Text in html tag format is not displayed in VERA record name field

Development done on the records module project to sanitize html tag(s) in record name field in the get record endpoint response.


Revision Number is blank in qTest Run Record Details for History entries

Fixed an issue where the Revision Number field was not captured in the first history entry for certain record types.
VS-323VERA Server needs a reboot to fully read new Sync Policy entriesFixed an issue where the server needed to be rebooted in order to read changes to the sync policy.

New Features


Keep state of searching fields from approval queue page 


Revision links navigate to a new tab. The link should use same tab and not create a new tab

VS-1823Filter component improvements
VS-1787View available projects, record types and record status in record filters
VS-1751Add filter to Domain Management table
VS-1738Brand Update: Tricentis Vera

Viewing Record Details


Add Locate Records Section

VS-1686Prevent user from accessing an approval task page if they are not a member of a domain

New Policy Management Tab in VERA Administration

VS-1288An admin can download one or more policy files
VS-1287Admin can import policy files via the Web Portal


  • 2022.2
  • 1.12
How to UpgradeSee Upgrade the VERA Server Applications for instructions

Known Issues and Limitations

KeySummaryKnown Issue Details
VS-447User Administrator role can see Signature Verification Failure Report and Re-verifyUser Administrator can access the Signature Verification reporting section of the Administration Portal.  This feature should be limited to System Administrators.
VS-858Import User modal/page does not display a confirmation when a file is uploadedNo confirmation is displayed following the upload of a user import.
VS-859An Admin cannot blank a user's email addressAn administrative user cannot update a user to have no email address. This is due to validation on the submitted changes for a user requiring an email address.
VS-1279Clicking the Import Button on the user import modal without first selecting a file causes the form to breakThe Import user form buttons are disabled, but nothing happens, and the page has to be refreshed when clicking the Import Button on the user import modal without first selecting a file.
VS-1324Unusual Admin session time outWhen the admin session times out initially (after 20 min), the web portal is supposed to use the refresh token to get another valid token.
VS-1426Text in html tag format is not displayed in VERA Domain or Description fieldIn VERA, text in html tag format is not displayed in VERA Domain or Description field.
VS-1427Text in html tag format is not displayed in VERA Full Name fieldIn VERA, Text in html tag format is not displayed in VERA Full Name field.