API 1.11.3

Software version: API 1.11.3

Publication date: 29-JUN-2022 

This file provides information about the VERA API Server:

  • Version Information
  • Resolved Issues
  • Docker Image Information
  • Known Issues and Limitations

Version Information

High-level VERA Version2022.1.3
API VersionAPI 1.11.3

Software Build

(Can be verified on the "Versions" screen in the web portal.)



Fixed Issues

VS-1235Approval Queue Project filter does not return records based on filter selectionFixed filtering by Project in the Approval Queue.
VS-2039Create a single static MongoClient to be used in the VERA instanceUse a single instance of the MongoDB driver according to best practices.
VS-2073VERA always tries to authenticate with the SMTP server even when credentials are not present

Fixed an issue where VERA would try to authenticate against the SMTP server even if it didn't allow for authentication. Now leaving the username and password fields blank will cause VERA to skip the authentication against the SMTP server.

VS-2091Author sees the issue he routed in the approval queue when author exclusion is enabledFixed bug when Prevent Author Approval is set to true in the approval policy JSON but Author value is set to null in the RMP, then author still sees the task in the approval queue.
VS-2146VERA confuses qTest Test Runs and Test Cases with matching projectId and artifactId pairs.Fixed record corruption issue when a qTest Test Case and a qTest Test Run have the same qTest artifactId.

Docker Image Information

  • 2022.1.3
  • 1.11.3
How to UpgradeSee Upgrade the VERA Server Applications for instructions

Known Issues and Limitations

See API 1.11