API 1.8

Software version: API 1.8

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This file provides information about the VERA API Server

  • Resolved Issues
  • New Features
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  • Known Issues and Limitations

Resolved Issues

VS-1092Deleting a record in qTest can leave orphaned approval tasks in VERADeleting a record in qTest now cancels the associated VERA approval route, preventing it from appearing in a user's approval queue.

New Features

VS-71Added the ability for users to receive a group-level approval task notification
VS-254Support referencing the qTest project ID and project name in field-based constraints to define project-specific approval routes in the global approval policy
VS-754Added ability to filter Approval Tasks by Record Name
VS-775Get field names using expand=names instead of editmeta to allow Jira adapter to get field names and values in VERA
VS-777Added support to display Jira DateTime fields in VERA
VS-778Added support to display Jira Components field in VERA
VS-779Added support to display XRay status fields in VERA
VS-782Added support to display XRay Test Environments field in VERA
VS-786Added support to display the Manual Step Definitions on XRay tests and executions in VERA
VS-931Added ability view Defect IDs linked to execution steps, logs and qTest runs by displaying Jira Defect ID associated with a qTest Test Run on qTest Test Run details 
VS-970Display the version number of the Notifications module on the version information screen of the VERA web portal
VS-971Added a page labeled "Mail Settings" to the administration portal for configuring an SMTP server integration (View, update, and save SMTP settings)
VS-972Added a "Test" button to the Mail Settings page in the administration portal that tests the displayed SMTP configurations by trying to connect to and authenticate with the SMTP server (via the VERA API server)
VS-973Added ability to update SMTP settings without overwriting the currently configured password
VS-1013The Jira record will be updated with the associated VERA signatures when the approval route is completed
VS-1108Added the ability to send a test email to a specified user from the VERA server using the currently saved SMTP settings
VS-1115Added support to display general Test Run information to Xray Test Executions in VERA
VS-1116Added support to display Manual Test Results in Jira Xray Test Executions in VERA
VS-1117Added support to display Cucumber Test Runs to Xray Test Executions in VERA
VS-1146Read run step details from Tosca by querying qTest for the Tosca URL, workspace, and unique ID of a test run
VS-1148Update the qTest test run by resetting the qTest test run back to a draft status when an error occurs starting the VERA approval route
VS-1155Added ability to Manually enter run step details from Tosca by querying Tosca for detailed step information (based on a Tosca ID manually entered into qTest) and merge those details with the information from qTest
VS-1179Added Executed, Tester as Fields to qTest Test Log to support GxP reporting requirements


  • 1.8.0
  • linux-1.8.0
How to UpgradeSee Upgrade the VERA Server Applications for instructions

Known Issues and Limitations



Known Issue Details

VS-139"Pending Tasks" field refreshes too slowly after route withdrawal.The Pending Tasks field in qTest and Jira is not immediately updated when the record is approved or rejected in VERA.  The cached values are updated when the user invokes a browser refresh,
VS-323VERA Server needs a reboot to fully read new Sync Policy entriesChanges to the VERA Synchronization Policy will not take affect until the VERA Application service is restarted.
VS-447User Administrator role can see Signature Verification Failure Report and Re-verifyA User Administrator can access the Signature Verification reporting section of the Administration Portal.  This feature should be limited to System Administrators.
VS-606Error while sorting approval queue with large quantity of tasksUsers may encounter errors while sorting an approval queue with a large (thousands) quantity of tasks.
VS-668Sorting shows all values beginning with a capital letter before lowercase valuesWhen sorting data (users, records, etc.) alphabetically, the system erroneously alphabetizes capital letters independently from lower-case letters.  For example:  Apple, Cat, ball -- instead of: Apple, ball, Cat
VS-698VERA cannot create a qTest record if two fields in the record have the same nameThe VERA-qTest integration does not support importing records from qTest where the record has two fields with the same name.  If such a record is routed for approval from qTest, then an error will occur.
VS-700User sees duplicate approval tasks for the same record in approval queueIf an approval route contains two pending tasks for the same role (e.g. two Technical approvals) then an eligible approver will see both tasks in their queue.
VS-810Admin can't remove a project from domain if project name contains regexA project created with regex characters cannot be removed from a domain once it is added. This also causes issues with displaying tasks in the approval queue for a user
VS-962Approval Queue user filter uses RegEx can match different usersDue to regular expression matching, a record that has been signed by one user may cause another user's approval queue to exclude the record when it should be available.
VS-988VERA DevOps does not apply a default approval routeIf a record is routed for approval that does not satisfy any configured route templates, the user will see "VERA is trying to start the approval route" rather than a descriptive error containing the reason why the route was not started.
VS-1060If user has a null value for a role in their claims list the user module fails to add or remove them from a roleIf a user has a claim that has a type of role and a value of null (not just a blank string), the user module will throw an exception when trying to add or remove the user from a role.
VS-1095Project names are not validated when adding to domainAdmins are able to add a project to a domain that contains RegEx characters.
VS-1142Special character in group name is preventing the role membership table from displaying usersThe special character in group name is preventing the role membership table from displaying users.   You can still manage the group with the special character in the name # You can still add users to the role on the Role Management screen.
VS-1180qTest Test Log Step defect link removed when we route qTest Run for approvalqTest Test Log Step defect link removed when we route qTest Run for approval. This is a defect in qTest that Tricentis is addressing.