What's New in 2022.1

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in VERA 2022.1 release:

Ability to exclude Author from Approving qTest Test Runs

VERA now provides the ability to exclude the Test Run author (or testers) from approving runs.  This is in addition to the author exclusion feature delivered in the 2021.4 release.

  • VERA (when author exclusion is enabled) will prevent authors from completing an approval task on a record where the user has authored a record and is assigned to one or more approval groups
    • the records will be filtered out of the author's approval queue
    • the approval and rejection links will not be available on the approval task detail page
  • Author can be defined by a field value or by the user who routed the Test Case for approval 
    • The default Author(s) of a Run is a list of all testers from the execution logs and execution log steps in the run.
    • The Author field is configurable. For example, Actual Testers, Route Owner, or a field in the run.

    • The Author field can be a list of authors or testers

    • All authors in the Author field will be excluded from Approval if the route is configured for prevent Author Approval.

    • Email notifications are suppressed for authors if Author Exclusion is enabled for the route.

  • The administrator can configure enforcing author exclusion in individual approval routes
  • VERA will attempt to match author by in the source system to a VERA user
    • if VERA does not find a matching user in VERA the author field will be populated with the source system username and marked as (Unknown)
    • If Author doesn't exist the record can be withdrawn, a VERA user created and then record re-routed to enforce author exclusion.

Figure: If there are multiple authors (or testers on a run Authors is link to view individual authors (or testers)

Figure: Authors (or Testers) are displayed when the Authors link is clicked

Improved route for approval feature

Improved the processing of large Jira and qTest records.  Update the route for approval process to update the qTest VERA Approval Route field when the record is received by VERA.

Figure: VERA Approval Route is updated with a VERA message when the record is received and VERA begins processing the record. 

Figure: the Approval Route is displayed in the VERA Approval Route field when VERA finishes processing the record

Figure: prevent authors (or testers) from approving their own test run

Improved handling for embedded images from qTest and Jira

  • VERA displays links to download embedded images stored in fields.

Figure: fields with embedded images now include links to download the images

VERA Jira Cloud App compatible with Jira Cloud "new view"

  • VERA Panel is displayed consistently in the "New View" in Jira Cloud.

Figure: VERA Jira App in Jira Cloud "New View"

Defect fixes

Various defect fixes to the Web Portal and API Server.