VERA for ALM 2.1 Updates

Test Set Approval Process improvements

VERA projects can be configured to require Pre-Approval to approve test scope and Post Approval to approve test completion.

New Risk Assessment

Risk Scenarios are configured to calculate a GAMP5 Risk Assessment. Risk fields can be set right in ALM user interface instead of through a separate VERA dialog.

Standardized Date and Time format

VERA now saves date and time information in local user time using a UTC offset indicator. The date and time are saved in a ISO 8601 format with extra whitespace to improve readability. 2018-02-10 18:30:13 – 05:00 translates to February 10, 2018 6:30 PM EST 13 seconds.

Warn Testers if run exists

The user is prompted if the test instance was previously executed and one or more associated runs have an execution status of passed or not completed. This will prevent creating a new test run if a test is incomplete and prevent re-executing a test that has previously passed.

Custom Action Support

VERA supports the creation of ALM toolbar buttons and actions to execute custom workflow. This feature allows users to stored additional workflow files in an ALM project and execute the workflow with an ALM toolbar button.

Micro Focus ALM Support

Micro Focus ALM 12.55 patch 1 is now supported along with previously supported versions.