VERA for ALM 2.11 Updates

Approve records using ALM Single Sign-on

for ALM 15.5+

ALM for VERA projects can be configured to approve records with ALM SSO.  Users can now access ALM 15.5 with SSO and approve records in VERA for ALM projects with SSO as well.  See Enable SSO on VERA for ALM projects for more details

Figure: Approval task dialog configured with ALM SSO for approval.  Click to Authenticate opens the ALM Shared Login module

Figure: Enter your ALM user name in the ALM Shared Login module then click continue.  You will be directed to your company SAML login page where you enter your SAML credentials.  The signature is applied to the record and the user is returned to ALM.

Reduced time to approve TOSCA records 

Implement design changes for removing queries against Tosca during approval actions. Updated usage of the TOSCA Rest API so that it is only accessed when necessary to read or update data contained therein.

See attached Release Notes for more detail