VERA for ALM 2.4 Updates

CSV Data Importer

Requirements, tests, requirements traceability and test coverage can be imported into VERA from a comma separated value file. Creation and updates to records with the CSV Data Importer are controlled by the VERA records management policy to ensure only the authorized users can create and modify records based on the record status.

New Risk Assessment features

Risk assessments can be optionally performed on Functional requirements and can be configured for any requirement type.
Risk assessments are calculated in real time as risk fields are set and risk fields are displayed in a separate tab for ease of use.
The new Risk Assessment policy allows for configuration of the risk assessment to meet customer business needs.

Support for General Approval Task

The Approval policy can be configured with a General approval task. The General approval tasks allows the user to select the approval role when routing for approval for more flexibility

Cache Approver username

The approvers username is cached in the approval dialog to reduce keystrokes on subsequent signings when approving records.