API 1.4

Software version: API 1.4

Publication date: 31 JAN 2020

This file provides information about the VERA API Server

  • Resolved Issues
  • New Features
  • Docker Image Information
  • Known Issues and Limitations

Resolved Issues

VS-501Jira Module only uses the first Jira credentials found in the Synchronization PolicyFixed an issue in which VERA did not properly integrate with multiple Jira servers simultaneously.
VS-540VERA cannot parse the URL from qTest when getting a test case linked to an execution logFixed an issue in which VERA was unable to properly parse callback data from qTest in certain scenarios.
VS-597Approval Queue does not handle a user w/out pending tasks.Fixed an issue in which the approval queue page did not properly load for users without tasks to display.
VS-626Some Jira Records with large amounts of data are failing to route for approvalFixed an issue in which Jira records that were larger than 80MB were not able to import correctly into VERA.

New Features

VS-8View VERA version information in VERA web portal
VS-77Reject a Record Directly from the Approval Queue (Preview Feature Only)
VS-529Implement an INFO logging level
VS-530Implement a FULL logging level
VS-537Implement a NONE logging level
VS-565Improve loading of the approval queue when it loads (Preview Feature Only)
VS-590Create a New VERA Domain and View a List (Preview Feature Only)
VS-591Admin can view domain details (Preview Feature Only)
VS-592An admin can add user(s) to a domain (Preview Feature Only)
VS-593An admin can remove user(s) from a domain (Preview Feature Only)
VS-605Admin can delete domain (Preview Feature Only)
---Misc. enhancements to improve software security
--- Misc. enhancements to the VERA REST API


  • 1.4.0
  • win-2016-1.4.0
  • win-2019-1.4.0
  • linux-1.4.0

Known Issues and Limitations



Known Issue Details

VS-629qTest webhook errors are not recorded in the error log.If a qTest callback action results in a HTTP 500 status code, the error will not be recorded in the VERA API Server error log.
VS-610Cannot add large number of users to a domain at once(Preview Feature Only) Admins are not able to add more than 999 users to a VERA domain in a single operation.
VS-383Tester(s) not included in Execution Log in VERAqTest Tester name is not displayed in VERA web portal.  The VERA Record Management Policy can be updated to include the Tester field in VERA.


VERA Server needs a reboot to fully read new Sync Policy entries

Changes to the VERA Synchronization Policy will not take affect until the VERA Application service is restarted.


Tasks show Not Started instead of Cancelled after rejection

Approval Tasks are set to Not Started when an approval task in the same approval route is Rejected. The approval tasks should be set to Cancelled when an approval task in the same approval route is Rejected.